AdderView 4 Pro DVI 4 Port Quad Head KVM Switch (4 PCs)

AdderView 4 Pro DVI 4 Port Quad Head KVM Switch (4 PCs)

Product Description

The AdderView Pro DVI series are professional grade Dual Link DVI-I KVMA switches which deliver ultimate flexibility for users who wish to share a high resolution screen(s) and modern USB peripherals between a multiplicity of computers.

The AV4PRO-DVI is designed to enable four computers to be controlled from a single high resolution KVM console using either dual link DVI or high definition analogue video links. The switch makes use of Adder's True Emulation technology which enables USB HID devices to be continuously emulated to each computer. This unique technology enables instantaneous and reliable hotkey switching whilst also supporting the extra keys and features of enhanced keyboards and mice. Furthermore, the AdderView includes two independently switchable USB 2.0 channels and an audio channel, giving the user the flexibility to attach selected peripherals to different computers.

Also available are the Dual, Triple, and Quad head versions of the AV4PRO-DVI. Please see the user manual for complete product details.

Features Integrated USB 2.0 hub provides flexibility Multiple channel selection options (hot keys, push button, remote, mouse control) USB true emulation technology provides seamless USB control Independent simultaneous device selection Used to control and monitor PC's with DVI video ports Application Financial trading IT administration Multimedia production

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