Miniature Weather/Vandal/Tamper Resistant Color Dome Camera with Chameleon Cover™, 3.6mm, Dark Grey Housing

Speco CCLR13D7G Dome Security Camera
Speco CCLR13D7G Dome Security Camera
Item# CCLR13D7G

Product Description

• 3.6mm fixed board lens, dark grey housing

• Chameleon Cover™: snap-on cover converts the housing from standard

dark grey to decorator white and can be painted to match any décor.

• 3-way internal wall & ceiling mount

• 12VDC / 24VAC dual voltage operation

• Vandal Resistant: Able to withstand hits from a 10 lb. sledgehammer

• Tamper Resistant: Tamperproof screws for enhanced security

• Weather Resistant: Good for indoor or outdoor usage

• IP66 compliant

• 5 year warranty