USB Surge Protector, Type A / Type A Panel Mount Style with Pigtail Cable - 36"

USB Surge Protector, Type A / Type A Panel Mount Style with Pigtail Cable - 36"
Item# AL-ECF504-AA36

Product Description

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L-com's AL-ECF504-AA36 USB surge protector is a commercial quality device designed to protect a computer's sensitive USB ports from power surges and spikes from attached devices. To ensure USB 2.0 speeds, the device uses ultra-low capacitance diodes to protect the data lines. In addition, a protection device clamps the power lines to safe levels. This USB surge protector is ideal for protecting a PC from WiFi client adapters and surveillance cameras used with long USB extender cables. Other uses include protection from surges when using USB-RS422/485 converters with long cables.

The AL-ECF504-AA36 can be mounted in an enclosure, panel, wall plate, or used in-line as a standalone product. It features a fully shielded 36" pigtail cable.

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Features Type A Female Bulkhead to Type A Male connectors Allows USB cables to be passed through panels or enclosures Power and data line protection Shielded housing with shielded pigtail cable - 36" USB 1.0 and 2.0 compatible Application Phone and DSL Modems Serial adapters Surveillance Cameras WiFi Adapters Printers and computer peripheral devices

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